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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Maja is a coach and trainer who partners with individuals or groups that are experiencing a career or life change. She is a scientist and development professional by training, holding a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany, a Certificate in Professional Human Resource Management from Villanova University and is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

With her international background Maja has lived, worked and traveled globally in the Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Environmental Industry for over 20 years. In her scientific roles, she worked in lab and pilot plant settings in technology development, quality control and safety. In her Human Resource roles, she supported the business in recruiting, hiring, employee relations, performance management, career tracks, various assessments, curriculum design and workshop facilitation, leading transformations in support of business objectives. She currently is responsible for Career and Life Leadership Development in her company and delivers seminars as well as transition coaching to help individuals and leaders achieve a higher level of effectiveness.


Maja’s scientific and diverse background along with her holistic approach creates value and delivers results in early talent, professional and leadership development, team building from the ground up to senior level, change & performance management, motivation and continuous improvement.


Maja’s comprehensive transition coaching helps individuals learn to adapt and cope with challenging transitions by tapping into the person’s potential and turn challenges into opportunities for a successful transformation. Coaching is a journey of discovery, growth and expansion as it helps people explore their passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs so they can seize the many opportunities that lie ahead. Maja helps with a smoother, more focused and purposeful transition to reach the ultimate goal of happiness, high energy and increased productivity faster, integrating life and career successfully.


While Maja was born and raised in Germany, she now lives outside of Philadelphia, PA and considers herself a world citizen. She loves to go on outdoor excursions and global travel adventures with her family and friends. She has a passion for helping people, languages and exploring different cultures as well as curling up with a good book.

Life motto: Learn something new every day and keep expanding.


Benefits of partnering with Maja:


  • Take your power back by assessing where you currently are and shine your light by developing a path forward to your transformation, and share your gifts with the world

  • Thrive again after a career or industry change through personal and professional development

  • Become a more effective leader by managing your team and work holistically

  • Successfully navigate your relationships as a spouse, a new parent, an empty-nester or a care giver

  • Re-discover yourself after a significant loss by finding new meaning in your life and create love again

  • Re-frame of a lay-off as an opportunity and re-focus on next steps to take

  • Assimilate to a new area, country or culture after a major move, job relocation, military discharge or immigration


Maja has the knowledge, experience, drive and wisdom to help guide you back to passion, love and excitement in your life, relationships and career. She is the catalyst, sounding board, objective supporter, your champion, thought provoker and constructive co-creator with you, to help you build a map to move forward past obstacles and lead your transition.

  • B.S. in Pharmacy

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Certified Facilitator

  • Professional Human Resource Management

  • Reiki Master

  • Moved through major career transitions, relationship transitions, immigration, marriage, growth in motherhood, divorce and death with resilience

  • Global Citizen - Lived, worked and traveled all over Europe and United States, now in the Philadelphia area

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